Ways to Prepare for a New School Year


Getting back into a routine or at least a more consistent one is tough, but can sure make a difference in the way your child adjusts.

Try these tips for helping your children through the back to school transition.


New School Year Tips


1.   Get back on a schedule.

Gradually begin to work the bedtime schedule so that they are in bed at their school year bedtime at least one week before the first day of school. Two weeks prior would be ideal. Make sure to begin waking them up in the mornings as well.


2.   Help them be organized.

Teach them to be prepared and make decisions about their clothes the night before. This translates to less stress in the mornings.


3.   Give them responsibilities.

Give them opportunities to be independent. Once they walk through the school doors, we will not be there to do things for them. We want to set them up for success which includes giving them responsibilities at home. Let it be their responsibility to pack their backpacks.


4.   Help them plan for the drop off.

Prepare them for the separation from you, particularly if they have anxiety. Tell them how the morning drop off will work and how they will be getting home after their day.


5.   Watch your emotions.

If you are excited about the new school year, chances are your child will be as well. On the other hand, if you’re worried or unhappy about it, most likely they will follow your lead.