How to Avoid Chore Wars!


There is so much to learn from chores and every kid needs them. But, it can be a huge hassle for parents to make sure they get them done! Chores are a perfect way for children to contribute to the greater good of the family as they are learning some important things.

Try these tips for helping your children learn to be responsible with their chores!


Stress Free Chore Tips


1.   Be a good role model.

If you whine about doing the laundry or mowing the yard, your children are more likely to complain about having to clean up their rooms.


2.   Start early.

Small children can do age-appropriate chores, such as picking up books. And it’s okay for you to help them! Make it fun. If you train them the right way early on, by the time they are six or seven, they should be able to do chores by themselves.


3.   Be patient.

If you have asked your son to have his room picked up before he goes outside to play, don’t start nagging him about it. Wait for him to come and tell you he’s ready to go outside. When he does, all you have to say is, “feel free to go out when your room is picked up.” Give him the opportunity to complete the request without begging, pleading, or nagging.


4.   Compliment cooperation.

Acknowledge when your child completes a task — even if the toys aren’t on the right shelves, for example. You’ll get more cooperation if you refrain from criticism.


5.   How is the parent-child connection?

Remember that kids generally want to please us if they feel connected.