Parenting Packages Are Coming!

Over the last year, Amy has developed custom packages that walk you through the most critical issues parents deal with today.  Grouping them into 4 stages has now made Amy’s one-on-one consulting time even more affordable than before!

Starting February 1, Equip, Empower and Engage Parenting Series will be officially launched.  Amy has designed a 4-step process that guides you through your parenting journey beginning with Step 1: Initial Consultation.

Book your first session before 2/1/15 and receive 1 session of Amy 911 FREE!!

  1. Initial Consultation (one-time session)
    Amy offers an Initial Consultation session to get started. This time together will be spent for her to learn about your family and hear your concerns. Amy will give her feedback and let you know what you can expect from consulting with her. Learn More
  2. Equip Package (weekly)
    This is Amy’s essential parenting offering. She found that 5 sessions are necessary for a successful beginning experience together. This gives her the opportunity to:
    •  know your family,
    •  identify key concerns
    •  delve into the fundamentals of parenting with you and
    •  focus on your personalized roadmap
    During these sessions, Amy provides advice, tips, tools and solutions.  Learn More
  3. Empower Package (bi-monthly)
    Parenting With Amy’sSM next offering is the Empower Package. You will build on the fundamentals of parenting and find new ways of responding to the specific challenges you face. Although the new skills are easy to learn, they take practice to implement consistently so Amy will support you as you continue to integrate them. Learn More
  4. Engage Package (monthly)
    The Engage Package allows your continued connection with Amy. She knows that as you continue to make changes, new questions and concerns will arise. She is there to continue to offer suggestions and encourage you along the journey. Having this plan in place ensures that you have the support and accountability you need to be successful.  Learn More

BONUS: Amy 911 (as needed sessions)

Amy 911 is designed to have her on call after you’ve done the hard work. Individual sessions are available if you have completed Parenting With Amy’sSM Equip, Empower or Engage Packages. Sometimes parents forget what to do or revert to their old ways. Amy believes this kind of continued support is what leads to long lasting change.

Special Note from Amy:

With hours of study and research completed for these 4 packages, my desire to see every parent equipped, empowered and engaged.  I want your job to be as easy and pleasurable as possible!

There’s Always Hope,