Watch the Parenting with AmySM Video


Are you looking for positive parenting tips that work?

Watch the Parenting with AmySM video and meet Amy Allen Meyer, a parent child relationship expert and mother of two. For 20 years she has helped families overcome everyday obstacles and strengthen their relationships through her private practice, Amy Allen Meyer and Associates. Now she wants to share what she’s learned with you.

Every child and family is different, but each faces common challenges. That’s where Parenting with AmySM comes in. Amy equips parents with the proper skills to teach their children proven techniques for coping. She does so through a series of tips and resources for topics like disciplining children, managing anger, and helping children with anxiety. Amy can also consult with parents looking for a little more information, regardless where they live.

Want to learn more? Watch our video, browse our site, and then contact Amy to schedule a consultation.