How to Potty Train Your Child


A huge developmental milestone, potty training can be fairly easy or a nightmare! Learn what needs to happen before success will ever occur.


Potty Training Tips


1.   Determine readiness, physical and emotional.

Ask yourself these questions. Have they expressed an interest in using the potty, can they understand and follow instructions, are they able to pull down their pants and get on the potty, do they ask you to change their dirty diapers, can they stay dry for 2 hours or longer, are they wanting to be more independent and do they want to please and be cooperative?


2.   Are you ready?

Knowing kids take their ques from us, start when you have time to fully devote to the cause. If you’re overwhelmed or overextended, just wait. If there is a major event such as a new baby or a recent or impending move, consider holding off.


3.   Be positive and encouraging.

Keep a positive and encouraging atmosphere as opposed to a critical and shaming one. “you sat on the potty but just couldn’t go this time” as opposed to “why can’t you go”?


4.   Relinquish control.

Give them control. There are some things we can’t control and making them potty is one of those. Do not use force them to sit or stay on the potty. When they are resisting, say “you can try later”. If resistance persists, it’s probably wise to stop the process and try at a later time.