How to Quell Your Yell


Every single parent yells at one time or another. Honestly, there are times it’s hard not to. Nothing good ever comes out of an escalated exchange. It leaves parents feeling bad about themselves and leaves kids feeling angry, hurt and scared.

Here are some suggestions to consider if you are ready to break the yelling cycle in your family.


Alternatives to Yelling Tips


1.   It’s All About You.

Yelling is not about our kids. It’s about us. Know what triggers your rants. Are you tired, sick, hungry or overwhelmed?


2.   Take Five.

Use self-control and remove yourself before you go off. Say “I’m going to step outside and get some fresh air and I’ll be back in 5 minutes so we can finish talking about this”.


3.   Take responsibility.

Let them know that you do not like it when you yell and you are working very hard to make some changes.


4.   Say it once.

Many parents begin yelling each time they repeat themselves. When asking your kids to get ready for bed or telling them it’s time to leave for school, say it once.